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Being able to OPTIMIZE your video listings so that they rank as high as they can, is one thing.

However, being able to weed out the HARD keywords and identify those keywords that you can rank for EASILY – Will take your video marketing to a whole new level.

Having this Ability Will…

Ensure you don’t waste GOOD videos on keywords that you can’t compete with!

Generate you higher rankings and MORE views than ever before!

Will put EXPERT knowledge and analysis in YOUR hands with ZERO effort on your part!

Introducing you to… My Ultra Powerful Keyword Analysis Module

When it comes to choosing keywords to rank for, “guessing” is simply not the solution.

That’s why I spent countless hours mapping out, fine tuning, and manually testing my OWN algorithm.

I locked myself in my code-lab and spent serious manhours analyzing, crunching, and calculating different data sets that I extracted from YouTube themselves.

I then got to work on coding a brand-new software module – a keyword analysis feature that replicated and followed my algorithm to the ‘t’.

I re-wrote, tweaked, and fine-tuned it further until it gave me scarily accurate RESULTS, over and over again.

You can now put this power in your hands.

Sounds Great! How Does it Work?

It really doesn’t get any easier than this.


The One and ONLY Step Required…

“Enter a keyword” and click a button

You see, you don’t have to analyze anything yourself.  You don’t have to crunch data or calculate numbers.

All you need to do is enter a keyword, and my software will do ALL the processing and calculations for you, in the background – Within seconds

It will give you a difficulty % score, as well as a clear and precise indication on how easy or difficult that keyword would be to rank in Youtube using TubeSerp.

If You Would Like to Remove All Guesswork When it Comes to Choosing Which Keywords to Rank for

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Keyword Analysis Module (TubeSerp 2021)