Discover Hyper Targeted Keywords that RANK FAST

  • Uncover RANK-ABLE niche keywords that people are searching for
  • Get a ‘birds-eye’ view of your competition
  • Get deep insights on your competitors ‘strengths and weaknesses’
  • Discover EXACTLY how to outrank your competition
  • Weed out HARD, high-competition keywords, and discover EASY keywords that your competitors have overlooked

STEP #1:

Add Keywords

Add specific keywords, import keywords (and search volumes), or let the software uncover HOT keywords for you that people are actively typing into Google.

With a ‘single click’ Keyword Phoenix will analyze the ‘current’ top 10 ranked results for your ‘selected’ keyword – Dissecting their content and scrutinizing their onpage ‘SEO’.

STEP #3:

Analyze Keywords

Instantly get a clear, ‘birds-eye’ view of your competition and identify their strengths and weaknesses.

STEP #4:

Birds-Eye View with Clear Analysis

A single click on ANY of the blue 'Toggle' buttons will reveal the 'content' of the associated 'onpage element' - Color coded to show relevance to your keyword.



(Just Because they’re ranking on page 1 doesn’t mean they’re optimized well for the keyword)



(Tutorials Provided)

Hey there,

My name is Andy Black and I have been actively involved with SEO and online marketing since around 2005.

Throughout the years I have benefited from, and gained a clear understanding of the world’s biggest search engines…

Google and YouTube.

They are still the best websites for connecting with your target audience and HOTTEST prospects.

Prospects that are actively looking for a specific answer, solution, product or service.

They type in their search query and those websites that appear on that first page ‘get their attention’.

Whether it’s a new lead, a sale, or simply a new visitor… those websites that make the 1 st page ‘reap the rewards’.

If you have followed me for some time you’ll be aware that I have developed a number of software solutions that help with specific online tasks.

That’s right – I love to solve problems

One of the Biggest Problems All Bloggers

and Content Publishers Have

You’ve probably guessed it by now – It’s keyword research.

Finding keywords and search terms that people frequently type into Google, that have little competition – isn’t an easy task.

But here’s the frustrating part… If you target the wrong keyword when publishing new content on the web, you’ll see little to no results.

Your content will be buried somewhere on Google and it will receive NO visitors.

The Solution to Page 1 Rankings and an Abundance

of FREE Targeted Website Visitors

The truth be told – I know exactly how to do keyword research using my OWN analysis.

The problem is… It’s tedious and time consuming.

That’s why I decided enough was enough and sat down at my computer to start building a software that would SOLVE this problem once and for all.

After a few weeks and COUNTLESS HOURS of coding each day… My software was finally complete!

I can now do HOURS and HOURS of tedious keyword research in MINUTES with just a few clicks.


Keyword Phoenix is a cloud-based software app that will help you to identify keywords that you can rank content for on the first page of Google.


“How Websites and Blogs Target Keywords”

  • They optimize their page title
  • They optimize their headers (H Tags)
  • They optimize their image tags (Alt Tags)
  • They optimize their HTML title attributes
  • They optimize their meta description
  • They optimize their CONTENT


They also build (or attract) backlinks and use the ranking power of their domain authority.


To see if a competitor is ‘really’ targeting a keyword you have to open their page and go through it with a fine tooth comb.

You have to check their page title, scan over their headers, and read through their content to see how the page relates to the ‘keyword’.

Then there’s other page elements such as alt image tags and title attributes that are INVISIBLE.

Yes, you’d have to search through the HTML source code and look for clues there too.

And here’s the painful part… You’d have to do this for the top 10 ranked results to get a clear picture on the competitiveness of the keyword.


Keyword Phoenix will retrieve the first page of Google results and SCAN them, extracting all of this vital data.

It will extract this data and then cross reference each part with the ‘keyword’ to calculate a SCORE.

You’ll then have a clear birds-eye view of how strong the competition is for your keyword.

Each of the current page 1 rankings will have an overall SEO score. (See Above)

HOWEVER, Keyword Phoenix Allows You to

Dig Much Deeper than this

With Keyword Phoenix you’ll then be able to get a better insight into EACH of these page 1 competitors.

You’ll be able to see the strength of ALL their onpage SEO factors, giving you a clear breakdown and revealing how well they have optimized their page for that keyword.

Keyword Phoenix is all about presenting the data to you without you having to go digging for it.

With this in mind, you can simply click on any of the toggle buttons next to each element and it will reveal the titles, H Tags, or whichever element you want to view.

If ANY part of these elements use ANY part of your keyword – It will be highlighted in RED, making it easy for you to spot.

But Andy, How Will I Know if the Website Has Lots of Backlinks or Domain Authority?...

Which Will Also Help it Rank

Don’t worry! Keyword Phoenix has you covered.

Simply pop your FREE Moz API key into your settings page and then you’ll be able to retrieve this important SEO data with the click of a button.

By spending less than a minute evaluating this data you’ll have a clear, precise answer to whether you can rank on Googles first page for that keyword.

Let’s Take a Quick Look at the Difference

Between EASY and HARD Keywords






(Frequently Asked Questions)

Can this be used for multiple countries?

Yes! Currently you can select United States, United Kingdom, Canada and Australia when analyzing search results.


Can this be used to analyze local keywords?

Yes! Keyword Phoenix can be used to analyze and evaluate any kind of keyword.


Does Keyword Phoenix provide search volume data?

No.  Keyword Phoenix is an analysis software and its focus is on evaluating the ‘difficulty’ of a keyword. However, you are able to import keywords into the software (CSV) that can include search volume data.


Is there a limit to how many keywords I can retrieve, import or analyze?

No, there are NO limits.  However, to prevent a bottleneck in the system, users can only have 7 keywords in the queue (to be analyzed) at any one time.  Although our system can process multiple keywords every single minute, 24/7.


Will Keyword Phoenix be improved over time and will additional features be added?

Yes! Just like my other software apps (RewriterApp and TubeSerp) there will be improvements made and new features added periodically.

I also take ‘user feedback’ seriously and will be happy to listen to suggestions and feature requests.  If they’re viable and will add value to all users, I will gladly add them.

Is the software cloud-based? Will it work on Windows and Macs?

Yes! Just like my other software apps, Keyword Phoenix is cloud-based so you can access it from ANY industry standard web browser (ie - Chrome).

Simply login to your account and use the software from ANY computer, in ANY location.  No software to install!

Are there any OTO's or UPSELLS After I Purchase Keyword Phoenix?

Yes! Although there are no upgrades for Keyword Phoenix itself.  Keyword Phoenix is a complete software and you will get access to all features (and future features).

The OTO's are my RewriterApp and TubeSerp software - Which can help you with content creation, SEO, topic research and ranking videos in YouTube to generate extra traffic.

They aren't required for Keyword Phoenix! However, they are complimentary.

Is this recurring - What happens after my X Months of access runs out?

No! This isn't a recurring product so you will not be tied into a subscription or be automatically re-billed in the future.

You'll have full, unlimited access to Keyword Phoenix.  After your access eventually runs out, if you would like to continue using the software, you'll be able to buy more access at the same price.

I can't offer lifetime access to this software product due to the costly resources it uses and the ongoing maintenance required.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

I’m extremely confident that you’ll see the value that Keyword Phoenix can provide in terms of keyword research and SEO analysis.

However, if you’re not completely satisfied with this software and are within the 30 day refund period…. And you haven’t analyzed more than 30 keywords, I’ll gladly refund your purchase in full.

What Are You Waiting for?

If you’re ready to…

1) Get more page 1 Google rankings!

2) Get more website visitors!

3) Saves HOURS (and even DAYS) of your time!

4) Become a keyword analysis PRO!

Then click the buy button below

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Keyword Phoenix (12 Months Access) *Single Fee - NOT Recurring Billing

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Create Videos or Perform Video SEO?

Keyword Phoenix Will Also Reveal WHICH

Keywords Include Videos on the 1st Page of Google

See you on the inside!

Happy keyword hunting!

Andy Black

Owner of Keyword Phoenix, RewriterApp and TubeSerp

In Fact - Let Me Show You a REAL CASE STUDY

(See How I Ranked on Page 1 for a Keyword

that Gets 1,050 Monthly Searches)

STEP #2:

Analyze Keywords (Sortable List View)

Analyze any of the imported or added keywords to quickly uncover

'easy to rank' keywords that you can rank on the 1st page of Google.

First, analyze your list of keywords to quickly find those that are 'easy' to rank.

RANK for More Keyword, Drive Targeted Traffic

AND Make More Sales

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